Office of the President

  • Dr. William P. Mullaney, President
  • Jeanne Eschbach, Executive Director, Workforce Education & Academic Pathways
  • Jina Toribio, Executive Office Manager

Human Resources

  • Debra Harty, HR Specialist
  • Diana Harrington, HR Assistant
  • Nogaye Ka-Tandia, HR Associate
  • Connie Park, Director, Human Resources

Office of the Provost

  • Brenda Guild, Administrative Assistant
  • Stacy Johnson, Assistant Dean of Student Services
  • Dr. L. Dean Fisher, Provost
  • Stephanie Specchio, Director of Communications
  • Jackie VanBrunt, Associate Dean of Enrollment Management

Academic Divisions

  • Deborah Beall, Associate Dean, Professional Studies
  • Bradley Cole, Associate Dean, STEM
  • Byron Shaw, Associate Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences

Office of Administrative Services

  • Ronald Abbott, Manager, College Store & Planetarium
  • Paul Andrews, Director Institutional Research
  • David Burdick, Director, Public Safety
  • George Ellis, Director, Information Technology
  • Todd Garnier, Vice President
  • Stacy Housworth, Associate Dean, Administrative Services
  • Bernadette Wesolowski, Bursar
  • Calvin Williams, Director, Physical Plant

Office of Student Development and Enrollment Management

  • Loretta Hendrickson, Registrar
  • Stacy Johnson, Assistant Dean of Student Services
  • Deborah Joseph, Accessibility Services Coordinator
  • Breana Locey, Director, Academic Outreach
  • Susan Martin, Coordinator, Student Support Services
  • Troy Martin, Director, Financial Aid
  • Ana Paulin, Administrative Assistant
  • Candace Rosing, College Nurse
  • Ryan Steinberg, Director, Student Services
  • Jacquelyn VanBrunt, Associate Dean, Student Services

Development Foundation Office

  • Jordan Anderson, Alumni Development Coordinator
  • Heather Barber, Annual Fund Director
  • Kesha Davis, Assistant Director, Advancement Support Services
  • Angela May, Executive Director
  • Kristen M. Morse, Executive Assistant