Parking Regulations

I. Preamble

  1. The college parking regulations have been established to maintain an orderly pattern of traffic flow and parking regulation control.
  2. The regulations established herein will apply to students, faculty, staff, and all visitors. Students are persons registered for the purpose of attending classes. Faculty, adjunct faculty, and staff (full/part time) are those designated through the Human Resources Department.
  3. Permission to operate and park motor vehicles at CCC is a privilege.

II. General

  1. The motor vehicle laws of New York State will be enforced on CCC grounds. All drivers are expected to know and observe state motor vehicle laws and College parking regulations.
  2. All regulations pertaining to motor vehicle registration, parking, and operation are enforced 24 hours a day throughout the entire year.
  3. Snowmobiles and All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s) are prohibited from all College locations unless for official purposes.

III. Vehicle Registration and Fees

  1. Permit fees vary by semester. Permits expire the following fall semester regardless of when purchased.
  2. All students, eligible by NYS standards, who drive to the college and park must apply for a parking permit in person. Each person must fill out the Parking Permit application in its entirety.
  3. All faculty and staff members must register their vehicles to park at the college. Faculty/staff permits are multi-year permits.
  4. Any change of vehicle or license plate number must be reported to the Department of Public Safety.
  5. Parking permits must be removed from vehicles that are sold, or transferred. Lost or damaged parking permits must be replaced by purchasing a new permit.
  6. The person that is registered to a vehicle is responsible for all violations against the vehicle.
  7. Corning Community College assumes no responsibility for student, faculty, staff, or visitor vehicles or their contents while parked on college property.
  8. Visitor parking permits may be obtained from the Department of Public Safety in the Commons Building.

IV. Vehicle Regulations

  1. No person shall drive on any College roadway at a speed that is greater than what is reasonable and prudent under the conditions. The College speed limit of 15 mph is strictly enforced.
  2. Traffic and parking regulations are applicable at all times. All traffic signs must be observed. Parking is restricted to designated areas. Parking spaces outlined with white paint are designated for student parking and yellow painted spaces are designated for faculty/staff and visitor parking.
  3. Parking will not be allowed in service drives, loading zones, or reserved parking areas unless by special permit or authority. There will be no parking on the lawn or grass unless directed by the Department of Public Safety.
  4. No person shall park on College property in such a manner as to interfere with the use of a fire hydrant, fire lane, or other emergency zone. No person shall park on College property to create any hazard or interfere with the free and proper use of the roadway, pedestrian crossing, or sidewalk.
  5. Any vehicle with an expired NYS registration, or any vehicle on College property for more than 72 hours will be removed and disposed according to NYS traffic laws.
  6. Any vehicle leaking fluids will be removed from campus.
  7. Vehicles undergoing major repairs are prohibited from parking on College property unless part of Auto Tech.
  8. No vehicles shall be left on College property overnight or extended periods without the permission of Public Safety.
  9. All vehicles must be parked within the boundaries of a parking space.
  10. The removal of any College parking and traffic signs is prohibited. Violators are subject to payment and disciplinary action.
  11. No official barricades shall be removed from their location.
  12. All pedestrians have the right away.
  13. Disabled parking is available to those with a valid NYS disabled permit.
  14. Service parking is reserved for authorized vehicles only.

V. Accidents

  1. All motor vehicle accidents shall be reported to the Department of Public Safety. Including all personal injury or property damage accidents. An investigation will be conducted and then turned over, if needed, to the proper law enforcement agency.

VI. Citations

  1. Corning Community College monitors parking at all College locations through the Department of Public Safety. Citations may be written for vehicles improperly parked or to those without proper registration.
  2. Citations are written and affixed to vehicles in violation. The date, time, violation, and dollar amount for the fine will be included on the citation.
  3. All tickets must be paid at the Public Safety Office located in the Commons building or the Academic and Workforce Development Center.

VII. Vehicle Immobilization Device

  1. If three (3) citations are issued to any vehicle and remain unpaid, the vehicle will be immobilized with an “Auto Boot” which incapacitates the vehicle. When the tickets and a $25 fee are paid, the device will be removed. The Department of Public Safety will also place a hold on transcripts of any student with unpaid parking citations.

VIII. Towing

  1. Vehicles parked in restricted areas will be towed at the owner’s expense. The following areas are off limits: Commons circle, gym circle, lot-j, auto tech on main campus, fire lanes, any blocked roadway on campus.

IX. Enforcement

  1. Routine enforcement of these regulations is the responsibility of the Department of Public Safety.
  2. General oversight of these regulations and disciplinary actions beyond the penalties listed above, in relation to student offenders, is the responsibility of the VP/ Dean of Student Development.
  3. For certain College events, parking may be extended beyond parking lots. Specific roads and other areas may be designated for short-term use as directed by the Department of Public Safety.