Information Technology - A.A.S

Associate Dean, STEM Division

Department Chair

Associate in Applied Science Degree, Career Program

The career program in Information Technology is designed to offer students several paths of study leading to an A.A.S. degree in their chosen field. The program is designed to be flexible and diverse so as to offer students the opportunity to choose a career path that best suits their interests and provides them with marketable skills for entering the global job market, or for continuing their education. This program offers specialization in web technology, network technology, technical support specialist, and high performance computing. Avenues for various career paths could include positions at national supercomputing and science laboratories, continuing on in the undergraduate and eventually graduate programs at other institutions, or positions in the corporate world (banks, financial institutions, etc.).

Graduates will be able to demonstrate the computer technology knowledge needed for entry-level positions in business and industry and the ability to compete for those jobs; specialize in one or more computer technology concentrations; and use their broad based liberal arts education in multiple applications and occupations.

The program also provides educational enhancement opportunities to local employers who want to advance the education of their employees.

Advisor assistance in selection of courses is highly recommended.

High school or equivalent preparation required: No special requirements.