Liberal Arts and Sciences: Humanities and Social Sciences - A.A.

Associate Dean, Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

Associate in Arts Degree, Transfer Program

This program provides the first two years of a traditional college education leading toward such professions as law, teaching at all levels through college, journalism, psychology, international affairs, translation, political science, and many more that require a working knowledge of a modern language as well as a strong academic background.

By following a rigorous liberal arts and sciences curriculum, graduates will have developed capabilities in academic research and writing; an ability to apply scientific method and critical thinking skills to validate their own ideas and inquiries; sufficient math skills to deal with complex problems; and an awareness and appreciation of living in a culturally, racially, and ethnically diverse society.

The humanities, social sciences, and liberal arts and sciences electives allow students to focus their curriculum toward a specific goal or to explore a variety of disciplines.

The courses accommodate a wide range of career choices. In a world where technology is constantly changing, students must be ready for a tomorrow where jobs change rapidly or disappear. This program provides a solid educational foundation by encouraging students to be knowledgeable about the past, but prepared for the future.

The State University of New York (SUNY) requires students who intend to receive a bachelor’s degree from a SUNY college to complete at least 30 credit hours in specific general education areas. Students in this program who plan to transfer to a SUNY college can meet 21 credits of the general education requirement. For more specific information about this requirement, refer to SUNY General Education Requirement on page 9 and see an advisor for program assistance.

High school or equivalent preparation required: No special requirements.