Human Services - A.A.S.

Associate Dean, Division of Professional Studies

Department Chair

Associate in Applied Science Degree, Career Program

This is a career track program intended for students who wish to enter the helping professions. The courses provide students with an overview of the human services field along with the communication and documentation skills required. Appropriate selection of electives allows students to tailor the program to specific areas of interest. Students may choose to focus on services to the developmentally or physically challenged, children, youth, the elderly, or to offer help in the areas of domestic violence, child abuse or crisis intervention.

Graduates will be able to understand the roles and duties of human services professionals; identify areas of employment; use communication skills to facilitate problem solving; fulfill essential case management functions including interviewing, record keeping, gathering intake information, making referrals, and identifying consumer problems and issues; maintain professional and ethical standards of confidentiality; understand and respond to potential crisis issues and situations; identify and contact resources and agencies in community settings; work effectively in different organizational structures.

For program assistance, see an advisor.

High school or equivalent preparation required: No special requirements.