Electrical Technology-Electronics - A.A.S. (GST BOCES graduates may qualify for credit for past learning experience)

Associate Dean, STEM Division

Department Chair

Associate in Applied Science Degree, Career Program

The Electrical Technology program prepares students to enter the rapidly expanding field of electronics. Their studies qualify them to work in the exciting fields of electronic design, computer repair, communications, systems control, and technical sales and service. This program stresses electronic design using integrated circuits. Laboratory experience is a part of each of the courses in this program.

Graduates will be able to function as laboratory, production, and field technicians using spreadsheets, word processors, and presentation software; use common circuit analysis equipment and instrumentation; design, construct, and analyze circuits using discrete semiconductor, solid state devices and operational amplifiers; interface software programs and various hardware devices; program/troubleshoot PLC systems, apply different transducers/sensors, and properly wire different motor types and circuits; demonstrate basic programming skills; use techniques of drafting and the preparation of electronic/electrical drawings; recognize and use project management techniques.

For students who decide to go on for further education after the A.A.S. degree, many four-year colleges now offer bachelor degree programs in technology and technical education specifically designed for graduates in electrical technology.

For program assistance, see an advisor.

High school or equivalent preparation required: Two years of mathematics including algebra and either geometry or intermediate algebra. Students who don’t have this preparation will be able to get it here, but it may take longer to complete the program.