Directed Studies - A.A.S.

Associate Dean, Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

Associate Dean, Division of Professional Studies

Associate in Applied Science Degree, Career Program
Divisions of Communications & Humanities and Social Sciences & Social Services

This program is designed to allow the opportunity to pursue a degree for career enhancement or to accommodate the immediate needs of business and industry. Directed Studies also allows for development of a program to suit a unique career choice not met by any other program. Students must meet with an adviser and prepare a detailed educational plan to be presented to and approved by the associate deans before enrolling in the program.

Although this program is not intended for transfer, students in the program who plan to transfer to a SUNY college can meet 21 credits of the 30 credit hours of general education required by the State University of New York (SUNY) for a bachelor's degree. For more specific information about this requirement, refer to the SUNY General Education Requirement and see an adviser for program assistance.

High school or equivalent preparation required.