Criminal Justice - A.S.

Associate Dean, Division of Professional Studies

Associate in Science Degree, Transfer Program

This program provides a core of criminal justice courses meshed with a sound liberal arts foundation designed for students planning to transfer to baccalaureate programs in the criminal justice field. Students will be prepared for future leadership positions in criminal justice. They will learn to think critically, communicate effectively, and develop a sound ethical base for decision making.

Graduates will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the criminal justice system, causes of criminal conduct, and responses to criminal behavior; and demonstrate a knowledge of the evolution of criminal law and an understanding of the values and ethics essential to the administration of justice. Students will be practiced in social science research methods and skilled in preparing research proposals and will demonstrate an awareness of our pluralistic society to foster understanding and tolerance.

The State University of New York (SUNY) requires students who intend to receive a bachelor's degree from a SUNY college to complete at least 30 credit hours in specific general education areas. Students in this program who plan to transfer to a SUNY college can meet 21 credits of the general education requirement. For more specific information about this requirement, refer to the SUNY General Education Requirement and see an advisor.

High school or equivalent preparation required: Strong communication and computation skills are recommended.