Computer Information Science - A.S.

Associate Dean, STEM Division

Department Chair

Associate in Science Degree, Transfer Program

Students who enjoy working with people and dealing with computers will find this program attractive. The program is designed to provide the first two years of a baccalaureate computer information science or information technology program. Transfer options include: computer information science, information technology, management information system, systems analysis and design, telecommunication, database administration, and other computer related disciplines.

Graduates will be able to demonstrate an understanding of computing through developing logical solutions to a variety of problems; understand the functions of systems analysis, design, and development; and perform the development, implementation, and maintenance of information systems.

Since programs at transfer colleges vary greatly, it is essential that students meet early with their faculty adviser in order to select appropriate electives. Although it is not a requirement, basic keyboarding skills (minimum BUOT 1061 or equivalent) would enhance a student's chance of success in this program.

The State University of New York (SUNY) requires students who intend to receive a bachelor’s degree from a SUNY college to complete at least 30 credit hours in specific general education areas. Students in this program who plan to transfer to a SUNY college can meet 21 credits of the general education requirement. For more specific information about this requirement, refer to SUNY General Education Requirement and see an adviser for program assistance.

High school or equivalent preparation desired: biology, chemistry or physics and three years of mathematics, including intermediate algebra and trigonometry. Students who don’t have this preparation will be able to get it here, but it may take longer to complete the program.