Chemical Technology - A.A.S.

Associate Dean, STEM Division

Department Chair

Associate in Applied Science Degree, Career Program

Chemical technicians work in research, process improvement, product development, measurement documentation, environmental testing, and quality control. They help design, setup, and analyze experiments in research, product/process development and quality control. They select and order materials and equipment, operate sophisticated instruments, and perform physical and chemical analyses on raw materials and products. Chemical technicians do experiments to obtain reliable data and use computers to analyze data and communicate information. They often work with other professionals to solve problems.

The Chemical Technology program is flexible. It emphasizes fundamentals and practical applications in order to train students for immediate employment and prepares them to continue to work towards an advanced degree. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a work internship that will assist them to experience on-the-job reality and gain skills that will enhance their ability to procure employment after graduation. Students in the Chemical Technology program may be required to complete a criminal background check, child abuse screening, and/or drug testing due to the requirements of their internship location. Acceptable results will be determined by the internship site.

Graduates will be able to operate laboratory instruments, perform reliable scientific measurements, use chemical and technical language, design experiments, evaluate experimental design, prepare samples for experiments, write standard operating procedures (SOPs), document results of experiments, analyze scientific data, use quality control measures in scientific experiments, perform common chemical calculations, and draw chemical structures using computer programs. They will locate information in databases and evaluate scientific journal articles.

Opportunities for employment are excellent and feedback from those who have transferred to institutions such as Syracuse, RIT, University of Rochester, Penn State, Cornell, and Alfred indicates SUNY CCC students are well prepared academically. 90 percent of our students are hired by Corning Incorporated before they graduate. 

For program assistance, see Kyle Williams. 

High school or equivalent preparation required: Chemistry and mathematics are preferred. Students who don’t have this preparation will be able to get it here, but it may take longer to complete the program.