Automotive Technology - A.O.S.

Associate Dean, STEM Division

Department Chair

Associate in Occupational Studies Degree, Career Program

The A.O.S. degree program is a four-semester curriculum consisting of 58 credit hours of automotive-related courses. It provides students with an opportunity to acquire skills in specialized phases of the automotive service industry unavailable to students in the Certificate or A.A.S. degree programs. In addition to a year’s sequence in auto body repair, courses in automotive electronics, diagnostic computer utilization, automatic and manual transmissions, major engine repair, electronic ignitions and fuel systems are required. This training program culminates in an automotive practicum that gives the student an opportunity to work and learn under the supervision of the faculty. Career opportunities encompass all phases of the automotive service industry. Some of the job titles include line mechanic, auto body repair specialist, transmission and engine diagnosis technician and computerized systems analyst. Students are required to take at least two ASE certification tests prior to graduation.

Graduates will be able to service the following automotive systems: cooling, air conditioning, electrical, suspension, brake, exhaust, fuel, and emission control; diagnose microprocessor controls, major engine/drive train systems; demonstrate the use of industry safety standards; understand project management techniques; and understand basic automotive history and language.

The automotive facilities are located on campus and at CCC's Airport Corporate Park facility in Big Flats.

After evaluation by CCC’s faculty, students with BOCES training may receive advanced standing. Students who have graduated from the Certificate program and elect to enter the A.O.S. degree program can complete the additional requirements in one academic year. Those selecting the A.A.S. degree program will usually need three additional semesters of academic work.

In order to participate in any automotive lab, a student must maintain a valid automobile driver's license. For program assistance, students should consult their adviser.

Students will be required to purchase a prescribed list of hand tools at the beginning of the program. Students should see their adviser for a detailed tool list.

High school or equivalent preparation required. While not specific program requirements, in order to graduate from this program students must demonstrate the writing skills necessary to enter ENGL 1010, College Composition I, and the math skills necessary to enter MATH 1015, Introductory Algebra. Based on placement, students might be required to successfully complete preparatory course(s) before attempting further course or program requirements. It is essential to discuss this with an adviser.