Twenty-one students sit in chairs outside with President Katherine P. Douglas

Presidential Scholars

If you're a first-time, full-time applicant ranked in the top 10% of your graduating class, we'll cover your tuition (details below).

Presidential Scholar Benefit

The recipient will complete his/her AA or AS* degree with no tuition debt and is guaranteed placement within a SUNY school to complete his/her bachelor’s degree.  An AAS* degree recipient will complete his/her degree requirements with no tuition debt.


A scholarship award equal to New York State (NYS) resident tuition less Pell and TAP grants.


First-time, full-time applicants ranked in the top 10% of their graduating class; earning Regents diplomas from one of the designated high schools for 2019; residing in Chemung, Steuben, or Schuyler county; and graduating June 2019.

Number of awards annually

All eligible applicants who have applied for admission and filed FAFSA applications by March 15, 2019, will receive a Presidential Scholar award. Students must maintain class rank in Top 10% through high school graduation to remain eligible.


File CCC Admissions and FAFSA applications by March 15, 2019.

CCC Development Foundation Funding Commitment

The Corning Community College Development Foundation agrees to pay for a single AA, AS, or AAS degree through no more than four semesters of study over two contiguous years.  Each student's Presidential Scholar award is calculated each term based on NYS resident tuition minus Pell and/or TAP grants.

Scholar Commitment

To receive this award, and continue to receive this award, a scholar must:

  • Enroll in an Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Sciences (AS) or Associate in Applied Sciences (AAS) degree program;
  • Successfully earn (complete) at least 12 credit hours each semester (fall and spring semesters only) with a 3.0 semester grade point average;
  • Complete all AA or AS or AAS degree requirements through no more than four (4) semesters of study over two (2) contiguous years; and,
  • Graduate from SUNY CCC in no more than two (2) years.

Each recipient will sign a “commitment letter” agreeing to the above terms no later than June 1, 2019, for matriculation at SUNY Corning Community College Fall 2019 – no exceptions, no deferrals.

College-Ready Assessment

Awardees must demonstrate college level proficiency in math, reading, and writing.  Any developmental or basic skills coursework required as a result of assessment must be complete prior to Fall term 2019 and will not be covered by this scholarship award.

Apply to SUNY CCC Admissions and file FAFSA by March 15, 2019; no separate scholarship application required.

*Associate of Arts or Associate of Sciences or Associate in Applied Sciences Degree – Debt-Free from Tuition (does not cover fees, housing, meal plan, etc. - tuition only)