Placement Testing

Before you register for courses, you must take a placement test.

Placement testing in Math, English, and Reading Comprehension are required of all entering students, both full-time and part-time. Exemptions may be granted if you have completed placement tests at CCC within the last three years, have transferred credit in college-level English and/or math, or have had the test or portions of the test waived by Admissions.

The results of the tests are used to place you in the most appropriate first math and/or English courses for your ability. In addition to determining the most appropriate first course, the placement tests can help you identify your academic strengths and needs to assist in planning an appropriate schedule of coursework at CCC.

Schedule your placement test now online or contact Admissions at 607-962-9151, 800-358-7171 x9151.

Placement Test Format

The testing is administered via computer and is very easy to use, even if you have little or no computer experience.  A proctor will be present to answer questions and/or to assist first-time computer users. 

The number of questions on each test ranges from 17 to 22. These questions will appear one at a time on the computer screen. These questions are multiple-choice. You only need to use the mouse or space bar on the keyboard to select the desired answer. If you are required to take the English portion of the placement tests, you will need to type or hand-write an essay.

The placement tests are not timed, with the exception of the English portion. During this portion of testing, you will be given one hour to type your essay (hand-written essays are permitted). You should allot three hours for completing the testing process. Calculators are not permitted for the math section. However, scrap paper and pencils will be provided.

At the conclusion of the test, the computer automatically determines your placement into English, Reading, and Math classes using criteria established by CCC faculty and staff. Course placements are made on the basis of the test scores, and serve as a beginning step in the advisement and course registration process.

CCC provides study guides to assist you in preparing for the placement tests.

Students with Disabilities

If you require special accommodations for testing, you should contact the Student Disability Services Office prior to scheduling a placement test appointment. Once accommodations have been approved, the Assessment Coordinator will contact you to arrange an appointment for testing. You may reach the Student Disability Services office by calling 607-962-9262 or 1-800-358-7171 x9262.