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Placement Testing

Identify your academic strengths and first semester classes

Who Needs to Test

Corning Community College uses the College Board Accuplacer® exams for placement testing in mathematics and English. Your scores determine the courses you can take in your first semester at CCC. Depending on your scores, you may be required to take developmental courses to prepare for the college credit classes. Consequently, we strongly advise students to prepare before taking the placement tests.


You have completed the math placement at CCC within the last three years OR you have been granted college-level transfer credit with a "C" or higher [except Statistics].

You have completed the reading/writing placement at CCC within the last three years OR you have been granted college-level transfer credit with a "C" or higher OR you have a NYS English Regents score of 85+ within the last three years.

Preparing for the Placement Test

Placement Test Format

Accuplacer testing is administered via computer and is very easy to use, even if you have little or no computer experience. A proctor will be present to assist you and answer questions as appropriate. There are three placement test portions: Writing, Reading Comprehension, and Mathematics. The portions of the test are not timed, but you should plan to take three hours for completing the entire testing process.

English course placements are determined by your combination of scores on the Writing and Reading Comprehension tests. Please review both tests using the examples and practice questions in the links given below.

  1. In the writing test, you will be given a passage that introduces a topic, followed by a question to answer. The goal is to write a well-structured essay which explains your position drawing on your own experiences and ideas; no specialized knowledge is needed. Most students need up to one hour to complete the 300- to 600-word essay. The essay is typed into the computer without access to word processing tools.  [see PDF downloads to the right]

  2. The reading comprehension test consists of two types of multiple choice questions: passages followed by comprehension questions and sentence pairs with a question about the relationship between the sentence ideas. [see PDF downloads to the right]

Your initial math course will be determined by your scores on the mathematics test(s). The math portion begins with a set of questions involving Elementary Algebra and then proceeds to a set of arithmetic questions or college-level math questions, depending on how well you performed on the basic algebra part. Calculators are not permitted unless one appears on the screen. Scrap paper and pencil will be provided.

For further information regarding study guides, test format, and a mobile-friendly study application please visit the Accuplacer website.


At the conclusion of the test, you will immediately receive your placement results for English and math using criteria established by CCC faculty and staff. Course placements are made based on your scores and serve as a beginning step in the advising and course registration process. The test proctor will review your scores and answer any of your questions about courses you are required to take. You should consider if the results accurately reflect your strengths and needs based on your academic history.

Based on your reading and writing scores, you will be placed into ENGL1010 College Composition I, or to help you prepare for success in ENGL1010 and many other college courses, you may be required to take a developmental non-credit English course, ENGL0999 with 1010 or ENGL0980 prior to ENGL1010. If you'd like to review the Interpretation sheet, you can download the PDF on the right.

Based on your mathematics scores, you will be placed at one of many levels from pre-algebra to calculus. Some of these levels may be lower than the math requirements for your intended program, but can help build your mathematics and problem-solving skills in order to help you reach your goals. If you'd like to review the Interpretation sheet, you can download the PDF on the right.

Resources for Mathematics Review

  1. Review Packet for Arithmetic/Basic Algebra: Work through the problems in the review packet. We use this packet at the Math Prep Sessions. The answers are on the last page. The packet covers problems in the Arithmetic and Algebra portion, not the college-level math portion. [see PDF downloads to the right]

  2. Get help in our Learning Commons from professional English tutors, available on Spencer Hill and the Elmira Center. For more information, visit the website.

  3. Online tutorial for Placement Prep at MATHhelp. This is a free online prep specifically for the Accuplacer test in elementary algebra, arithmetic, and college-level math. offers free math lessons specifically for students preparing to take the Accuplacer math test.

  4. Online Tutorial for Placement Prep at Udemy. This is a $10 tutorial designed specifically for reviewing before taking the Accuplacer placement test in math; geared toward arithmetic and basic algebra level.

  5. Accuplacer® Study Guides: Visit the Accuplacer® website. This site explains the test format and topics for each level, and it has sample questions, including those for college-level math if you want to place in pre-calculus or calculus, for example. There is also a Study App you can download for your computer or mobile device!

  6. Visit (free online site with quality video lessons by math instructors). You can progress through topics or just search a key phrase you want to learn such as “adding fractions” or “solving linear equations.”

Students with Accommodations

If you require accommodations for testing, you will need to meet with the Student Accessibility prior to scheduling a placement test appointment. Please complete the appointment request form, and we will contact you to schedule your appointment. The Coordinator will schedule your placement test after completion of the intake process. You may also reach the Student Accessibility office by calling 607-962-9262 or 1-800-358-7171 x9262.

Schedule Your Placement Test

Schedule your placement test on the Corning campus or at the Academic Workforce Development Center in Elmira, NY. Please remember to bring photo identification with you to the test.

Off Campus Testing Options

If you would like to test closer to home, you will need to find a test proctor that meets our requirements:

  1. The proctor must be employed at an educational institution (college testing center staff, public librarian, high school teacher/administrator, etc).

  2. The proctor’s work email address is required. No Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. accounts will be deemed valid.

  3. The proctor must complete our Test Proctor Request Form. New York City students: please email or call 607-962-9226 for specific testing information for testing at the SUNY Welcome Center in New York City.

  4. Testing in other parts of the U.S. can be coordinated by visiting this website

After we receive your completed form, the test proctor login and instructions will be emailed to the proctor.

The student will be responsible for any proctoring fees that may be incurred while testing off campus.