Financial Aid Rights and Responsibilities

Rights and Responsibilities for Students Receiving State and Federal Aid at CCC
  • All awards are contingent on full state and federal funding.
  • You may be asked to verify your attendance prior to receiving any cash disbursements if your enrollment status is in question. Your awards may be revised or cancelled if your attendance cannot be verified.
  • If you officially withdraw from all your courses before 60% of the semester has passed, then it may be necessary to revise your Federal Financial Aid. As a result, you may owe the College for tuition, fees and cash disbursements that you previously received.
  • If you fail all your courses in a semester, you will be required to verify your attendance beyond the 60% in at least one course. If you are unable to do this, then you will be treated as an unofficial withdrawal from the College and your Federal Financial Aid eligibility will be recalculated according to the Federal Refund Policy.
  • TAP recipients must be enrolled full-time, incur full-time tuition liability and your course load must include 12 hours of degree/program requirements (unless it is your graduating semester).
  • TAP recipients who need to take remedial courses such as Basic Math Skills or Basic Writing Skills must have at least 6 "credit" hours as part of their full-time load. First time TAP recipients are allowed to have a minimum of 3 "credit" hours as part of their full-time load.
  • Students receiving Direct Loans are required to complete an Exit Counseling at www.student prior to graduation, withdrawal, or when dropping below 6 hours in a semester.
  • New Federal Student Loan borrowers at CCC must complete the Entrance Counseling online at Your loan will not be disbursed to your account if you have not completed this requirement.