Tips and Strategies for the Successful Online Learner

Familiarize yourself with the College's Learning Management System

Corning Community College uses BlackBoard as its learning management system. This is the application through which many of our distance learning courses are delivered. Successful online students understand how to use the college’s learning management system. You can prepare yourself for your online course by visiting the two links below.

Familiarize Yourself with the Course Expectations

Once you have entered your online course, read the course syllabus and make sure you understand when your assignments are due. It is recommended that you log on to your course at least once a day to keep abreast of any course announcements.

Be Well Organized

  • Successful online students are able to manage their time well by developing and sticking to a schedule for when they will tend to their online coursework.
  • Begin your assignments well before their due dates. Your instructor will know that you have attended class by the timely submission of your work. Try to find a private space to work in order to minimize interruptions.
  • You can keep your school work organized by creating a folder on your computer for each online course you are taking. Give the folder the same name as the online course. Place all coursework in the designated folder for a given class.
  • Communicate Professionally
  • Communicate respectfully with your classmates and your instructor, and unless otherwise stated, avoid communicating using the lingo of text messaging and social media sites.

Get Engaged

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Seek Help When Needed

If you have problems or questions about your online assignments, quickly seek out help from your course instructor. Technical problems with BlackBoard should be directed to the Open SUNY helpdesk, and other technical issues apart from Blackboard should be directed to Information Technology Services Helpdesk.