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We offer many flexible options so that you can complete your degree while balancing your work, family, and personal life. This can be done through a combination of online and classroom courses, or completely online with degrees in Business Administration (A.A.S. & A.S.) or Liberal Arts and Sciences: Humanities and Social Sciences (A.A.& A.S.).

Distance Education Frequently Asked Questions

How does online learning work?

Online learning is a method of taking courses over the Internet in order to complete a degree or certificate program. In a course website, students can upload assignments to their instructor and communicate with their classmates and instructor via online discussion forums, email, or computer web conferencing. SUNY Corning Community College offers two types of distance learning delivery formats:

  • Blended/Hybrid Course (Internet and Lecture Instruction) - An individual course in which some instruction and engagement of class activities is delivered face-to-face (in class) and via online learning, which means with convenient 24-7 access to learning content. In-class seat time is reduced, typically by approximately 30%, reducing your travel to the college.
  • Fully Online Course (Internet) - An individual course in which all instruction and class activities are conducted via online learning. Note: Some instructors require an in-person meeting or verification for special requirements. Contact the instructor or associate dean of the division with any questions

How Do I Find Courses That Are Right for Me?

  1. Click on "Class Schedule"  
  2. Select the desired term and click "Submit."
  3. At the search screen, in the "Schedule Type" box, select "Internet" and click "Class Search."

What are the technical requirements?

  • Broadband Internet access
  • Word processing program
  • Email

Corning Community College uses the BlackBoard platform to deliver its online courses. Browser requirements for BlackBoard can be found on the BlackBoard help site.

Depending on your course, further hardware or software requirements may be needed. Check with your course instructor and check your course syllabus.

What computer skills do I need?

Students should possess basic computer skills, such as word processing, emailing, and searching the Internet.

How do I register for an online course?

If you are a current SUNY Corning Community College student, you can register for classes through the MyCCC portal.

How do I access my online course?

Blackboard is an online space where you can access your online course(s). It is also where CCC instructors post assignments, hold discussions, give tests and offer videos, lectures, podcasts and other course information. As a CCC student, you will be provided with your own personal Blackboard account. To access your course(s):

  1. Log in to MyCCC with your username and password.
  2. Click on the Blackboard icon (upper right corner).

You can also access Blackboard directly at (use your MyCCC username and password).

Where do I go for help?

  • For help with course content, students should contact their course instructor.
  • For technical help with BlackBoard, current students should contact the Open SUNY helpdesk.
  • For technical help apart from BlackBoard, students should contact the Information Technology Services Helpdesk through MyCCC.

Where do I learn about BlackBoard?

Watch these short videos on how to use blackboard.

Note: it is recommended that you do not use the “Save” feature for your assignments. Please use the “Submit” button. Images represented in these videos may differ from what your Blackboard courses actually look like but can give you a general idea of how to navigate within the system. It is also recommended that you view each of the BlackBoard orientation videos below before you begin working in BlackBoard.

Assignments Overview

Submit an Assignment

Use Discussions in Blackboard

Test Overview

How to Send an Email

Creating Journal Entries

How to Quickly Jump from one Blackboard Course to Another

For more information on Blackboard, check out the Blackboard Help Page for College and University Students. The areas on “Learn,” “SafeAssign,” and “Ally” are excellent sources of help.

How do I obtain textbooks?

The college bookstore is available online. Shop our College Bookstore website 24/7 and the College bookstore will ship your order for free (usually 1-2 days shipping within the tri-county area). You may pay by credit card, or with approved financial aid with your student CID number.

How often should I log into my online course?

It is recommended that you log on to your course at least once a day to keep abreast of any course announcements.

When can I start my online course?

Students are expected to begin online courses on the first day of the respective semester. To determine what day classes begin, please view the Corning Community College academic calendar.

Can I transfer credit from another college?

Please see the school’s webpage with regard to transferring credit from another college.

Is online learning right for me?

With the right personal motivation and basic technical requirements, internet courses can be the perfect option for completing your degree. A successful distance learning approach requires:

  • Daily study habits. Build strong time management skills by building the practice of studying into your personal daily schedule.
  • A willingness to seek help. You are not in this alone! Be willing to reach out to your instructor and fellow classmates for support and guidance.
  • Open SUNY offers an online assessment for people considering taking an online course or studying in a technology-rich environment. The assessment asks a variety of questions and provides a detailed analysis of the results as well as information to consider when taking an online course or a course that requires an unusual amount of technology.
  • Basic computer skills. SUNY offers a tutorial if you need to brush up on basic computer skills needed for an online course.

Still have questions?

Contact the Educational Planning Center or email the Educational Planning Center at