Elmira Center

Workforce Wins Award

The Continuing Education Association of New York (CEANY) is pleased to announce that SUNY Corning Community College’s Workforce Education & Academic Pathways Department and CAF USA were the recent winners of the James C. Hall Outstanding Business & Industry Collaboration Award. 

SUNY CCC and CAF USA have partnered to create a Corporate Trainer position. CAF USA funds this position. The person holding the position works full-time at CAF USA, designing delivering and developing training plans for the more than 500 CAF USA employees. As a result of the revised on-boarding training, retention for new employees increased from 53% to 85%. In addition to the on-boarding training, SUNY CCC is working with the CAF USA staff to develop a series of trainings for line workers, supervisors and team leaders with the goal of developing an educational plan with every employee. Each employee’s educational plan will identify the required training for their current level and the training needed to advance to higher level. Additionally, the company is encouraging employees who have some college credit to complete their degrees and for those interested in beginning a college program, to start. Finally, in 2020, SUNY CCC's Workforce Education and Academic Pathways and CAF USA staff will work with the college’s STEM division to create micro-credentials in industrial painting and electrical wiring.