Alicia Meyers

Wild Soul

Wanderlust: a strong desire to travel.

Unlike some children who spend the first 18 years of their lives planted in one home, Alicia Meyers ’19 moved four different times between her sophomore and senior years of high school due to her parents living in different areas of the country. Moving was all she knew.

“Moving around honestly became something that I really liked doing,” said Alicia. “I’ve been told I have a wild soul. I really don’t stay anywhere for too long.”

One day while she was living in Germany, Alicia began thinking about the current state of the environment and that she wanted to learn how to protect the planet for future generations. She pulled out her phone and began googling colleges that offered environmental science.

SUNY Corning Community College popped up.

“I started reading reviews on SUNY CCC and everything was really positive,” said Alicia. “I had never been to New York before, but I wasn’t afraid to try something new.”

Now, Alicia is a little over three months away from graduating from SUNY CCC with her associate’s degree in environmental science.

“I truly love it [at SUNY CCC],” said Alicia. “Since I’m an older student, it means a lot to me that the professors really care about me and what I want to do.”

According to Alicia, Professor of Biology Dr. Donna Moore Powers embodies what it means to be a caring professor.

“Dr. Powers is my advisor and she always makes sure I’m taking the right classes so that I will be able to transfer,” she said. “She’s also the type of professor who can pull you in and make you want to learn and become a better person.”

Alicia’s goal is to become a wildlife conservationist. And, of course, travel to different countries while doing so. Africa is at the top of her list.

“Africa is really calling my name and I think it’s mainly due to the wildlife there,” said Alicia. “It’s an extreme environment compared to where we are. If I want to understand more about the people, animals, and plant life of a specific place then I need to actually go there.”

After she graduates in December, Alicia plans to attend SUNY Brockport to major in environmental science and ecology.

“I’m really looking forward to having a career that I love. It’s simple,” said Alicia. “I want to wake up every day and really be able to make a difference in the world.”