Students with a turkey they welded from a shopping cart

Students practice welding and encourage giving

Students in the College's Autobody program welded a turkey from a donated shopping cart and have been collecting food this month at Airport Corporate Park. The food will be donated to the Southern Tier Food Book. Mark Cunningham, a volunteer at the food bank and a student at the College, thought of the idea and helped build the turkey. 

To create the turkey, the students used pieces they found in the shop: an exhaust pipe, a rocker arm, a flange, and sheet metal, for example. To donate, people lift the turkey's wattle, which is transmission line, and place items into the cart.

The class is taught by Calvin Stedge. Pictured (from right): Marc Bundy, Mark Cunningham, and Brandon Anderson. Not pictured: Jacob Curkendall and Nakota Williams.