Student Trustee Mark Clements '15

Student Spotlight: Mark Clements

Swift Kick, an organization dedicated to helping schools create welcoming, connected, and engaged communities, recently featured Student Trustee Mark Clements '15 in their Student Spotlight! 

"Broken down to the basics, leadership is service. Every single person at Corning Community College has something unique, something singular to offer to the world, but many of them don’t know it because they have not been given the opportunity to recognize their potential, to realize their value, and to believe in their abilities. My job as a leader here at CCC is to serve each one of these students, to help each one of them in every way possible to become the best they can be. Each one of those students can then take their gifts further—their potential, their value, their abilities can then be used to serve and help those around them, who, in turn, will do the same with those around them ..."

Read Mark Clements' full interview on Swift Kick's website.