Yoseph and Zachary

The Gift of Language

Zachary (right) and Yoseph (left) Beheshti are more than twin brothers who enjoy watching basketball and playing video games together. They share the same passion: teaching.

Though both Zachary and Yoseph are enrolled as full-time Binghamton University students, they are also full-time visiting students at SUNY Corning Community College. They decided to begin taking education courses at SUNY CCC after spending the summer in Iran teaching English to high school students.

“I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, but this experience really solidified my decision,” said Zachary. “After a few months of us being in the school, the students started to really get it and would always try to talk to us in English. It was a really fulfilling experience.”

Zachary’s interest in languages began as a young, self-described “quiet” child. He started learning languages as a way to cope with his shyness and to become better at communicating with others. Zachary can now speak English, Farsi, Chinese, Japanese, some Spanish, and is currently learning Arabic. He plans to become an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher.

“Language is really a gift,” said Zachary. “I want to be able to pass along that gift of being able to effectively communicate with others despite speaking different languages.”

Yoseph agrees with the idea of eliminating language barriers, however, he doesn’t want to teach a language. Yoseph wants to teach Biology. He knows that for some students, science may feel like a foreign language. Yoseph plans to use interesting techniques, such as storytelling, to help students learn science.

“We moved around a lot when we were growing up and I always felt like the other kids had a head start, especially in biology” said Yoseph. “That’s when I started making up stories to help me remember everything, for example, I made up a story about how the mitochondria was in a war. He was the one who held the flag and encouraged everyone to have more energy and charisma. I think I could really help students by using different teaching approaches.”

Both brothers agreed that being a teacher is one of the most important jobs one can have.

“We both love to teach and help students learn, but it’s honestly bigger than that,” said Yoseph. “We are able to learn so much from the students as well, and it’s definitely made us more well-rounded people.”

Zachary and Yoseph are eager to take more education classes at SUNY CCC and are excited to see where their journey takes them.