Campus-Wide Lockdown

Corning Community College's Spencer Hill campus experienced a campus-wide lockdown on Friday, December 2, 2016.

Thanks to the quick and professional response from many members of the community, including the New York State Troopers and local law enforcement, the incident was thoroughly investigated and classes resumed in the afternoon.

A summary of the day's events

  1. Shortly after 11AM, a student reported to CCC's Public Safety Director that she'd noticed a person with a "suspicious object" in/around the Arthur A. Houghton, Jr. Library.
  2. The Public Safety Director deemed the threat credible and called for a campus lockdown and contacted NY State Troopers and local police.
  3. Troopers arrived quickly and conducted building-by-building searches.
  4. After approximately 1 hour, CCC's Public Safety officials and the NY State Troopers issued an all-clear.
  5. It was determined the "suspicious object" was an "unusually shaped" student project that was draped / covered up.

The event was handled expeditiously, professionally, and with an abundance of caution. The campus community's response to Public Safety's directive to "lockdown" was critical to the successful conclusion. Moving forward, we recognize that some members of our community may wish to discuss the event with professionals. WellConnect, a 24-hour/7-day/365-days-a-year counseling service that serves the college, stands ready to discuss the day's events with students and may be reached by calling 866-640-4777.

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