Steven Crowell

Be the Voice

As a child growing up in Horseheads, N.Y., Steven Crowell ’20 spent the majority of his time exploring the outdoors. However, Steven didn’t just build stick forts and collect neat bugs.

He wrote about it all – about the animals he saw, the seasons changing, and the human impact on the environment. Though he loved to write, Steven didn’t know how to make it into a career.

“At the time I really wasn’t sure how to make writing a career, so I joined the Marines and became an infantryman,” said Steven. “Being an infantryman served as my outlet for wanting to be outside and I was still able to write occasionally.”

After serving his country for four years, Steven decided it was time for him to attend college – and to finally pursue writing. Majoring in Liberal Arts and Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences has given him the opportunity to take several writing courses. Steven chose SUNY Corning Community College because he knew it had a good reputation, especially for non-traditional students.

“I knew a four-year school would be too big since I had been out of school for a while. I needed a place I felt comfortable starting at,” said Steven. “SUNY CCC has really allowed me to build a solid foundation and I feel like I will be able to hit the ground running when I transfer.”

According to SUNY CCC English Professor Dr. Christine Atkins, Steven is an extremely dedicated student.

“Steven impressed me immediately in World Literature II,” said Christine. “In addition to being a strong writer, he is a deep thinker who makes interdisciplinary connections between ideas and goes above and beyond what is required in the classroom.”

Steven’s goal is to become an author. He is inspired by one of his favorite authors, Cormac McCarthy, and his ability to speak up about important topics and to be a good storyteller.

“I want to write for people and things who don’t have a voice, like our environment,” said Steven. “Not many people are willing to speak up about the natural world, but that’s really what I love to write about.”

After graduation in May, Steven plans to attend SUNY Geneseo to major in English. After that, his goal is to pursue a master’s degree in creative writing.

“I’m really looking forward to the remainder of this year and the new challenges that will come at Geneseo,” said Steven. “It’s exciting to think about being able to focus on what I really want to do, and who I want to become during this next phase of my journey.”