SUNY CCC offers an Applied Theatre course

Have you ever wanted to take a theatre class just for fun, but weren’t sure how it would benefit your future career? Whether you’re an education major, criminal justice major, or a community and public health major you can take the Applied Theatre course at SUNY CCC and learn how theatre can help you develop team building and problem solving skills!

The Applied Theatre course, or THEA 2501, is an introduction to the use of theatre arts and creative drama in many different non-theatrical careers. The course identifies a local organization or area that seeks creative energy and implements a semester-long workshop, project, or presentation that applies creative drama techniques to address the need.

Not only does this create a relationship between a local organization and SUNY CCC, it also explores methods of expanding the theatre arts into new settings and occupations.

Last year, the THEA 2501 project was for the Full STEAHM Ahead Program – a program that introduces local middle school girls to science, technology, engineering, math, fine arts, and health-related fields.

“We chose and tested exercises to promote imaginative storytelling, team building, problem solving, and playful thought about how girls can change the world,” said SUNY CCC Professor of Theatre Mary Guzzy.

If you are interested in working with a local organization and learning a new approach to team building and creative thinking, please consider THEA 2501! The course is still open for all students during the spring 2019 semester.