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Facilities Master Plan

In 2014, Corning Community College engaged SWBR Architects to develop a living blueprint for the College's future physical environment - a Five-Year Facilities Master Plan. This plan will shape Corning Community College’s “academic footprint” – the structures that are needed to ensure that learning at Corning Community College continues to be transformational. This effort, a natural extension of the College's Strategic Planning process, was underscored by three principle tenets:

  • a commitment to develop and refine spaces that foster learning
  • a resolve to remain at the forefront of educational excellence in the 21st century
  • a renewed vigor to partner with our communities to address the needs of a rapidly changing economy and workforce

Like most colleges, we face a number of facility challenges entering the 21st century:

  • classroom and instruction spaces which have not kept pace with advances in teaching methods and technology
  • building systems which are no longer economical to operate
  • and structures in need of simple maintenance and code compliance

After 60 years of rich history, this plan will help us address these challenges to further enhance the College's learning environment and to renew our commitment to best serve our region.

The creation of a successful plan requires a clear vision, a rigorous methodology based on the fundamentals of collaboration and inclusion, and trust in the integrity of the study process. All of these were embedded in the richly interactive and collaborative undertaking facilitated by our planning team. Hundreds of campus and community participants informed this study, contributing to its recommendations. "Together, we developed a set of recommendations and planning guidelines we are confident will inform our decisions to create a richer learning environment. Our College, and future generations of our students will be well served as a result.