Retha Cazel

Adjunct Faculty, FYEX Training


Professional Studies
Retha Cazel

Retha’s educational background is Mathematics and Physics from the University of North Carolina in Wilmington. She worked with optical fiber research and development for 10 years, developing new products, documenting the systems/methods for product development and testing the application of models. She also holds two patents. Part of her corporate career was spent analyzing data and developing quality engineering systems.

She has been a resident of Corning, New York since 1996. She has an eclectic background, which lends itself to genuine multicultural understanding in the college setting. This versatility shows in all of her classes. Her original home is Okinawa, Japan. She has lived all over the world and the United States – including Germany, California, New Jersey, the Philippine Islands, Georgia, North Carolina, Wyoming and New York.

Retha started the first yoga studio in the area, and runs a registered Yoga Teacher Training School. Her passion for yoga began in 1983, the system she works with uses a direct connection to math and physics in the body – it is the application of principles in human form. Her expertise in Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga are the heart of her work with the students, whether it is in a Yoga class, a FYEX class or a Mathematics class. She engages students on a realistic, human level which bypasses typical formal structure. This method allows the students to be comfortable in their learning environment – giving them the opportunity to deeply learn.

Retha is known for using her real life experiences from other cultures, environments and work situations in the classroom setting to provide relative linkages to her students for context and inspiration.  She is passionate about teaching and using applied techniques to challenge, grow and enhance students’ lives. Providing students with an inspired foundation makes her day and satisfies the teacher within.