Harold Hunziker



Humanities & Social Sciences




Nursing, (N323)
Harold Hunziker

Harold Hunziker has been teaching at CCC since 1965. He is currently the most senior member of the college which earns him the distinction to carry the college mace at graduation.

When he first started teaching at CCC, Hunziker taught courses in history which is the area of study he initially did his undergraduate and graduate studies in, at Albany State University. In 1972, the college granted Hunziker a sabbatical leave, and he went back to college at Kansas State University. There he completed a second Master’s degree in Psychology and has been teaching a variety of different courses in that discipline. Since 1972, he has gone on sabbatical and completed additional graduate courses in psychology at SUNY Buffalo.

Hunziker was awarded the Chancellor’s Award in Teaching. He was the first in the state along with another colleague to earn that award. In 1965, he nicknamed himself “Benny,” and to this day, most people only know him by that name.

Other than his primary devotion to teaching, Hunziker enjoys gardening, theme parks, skiing, motorcycling, sporty cars, dancing, and physical fitness. 

Hunziker is considered a “non-traditional student”. This is because he never went to college until he was 25 and was the first member of his family to earn a college degree. Prior to attending college, he worked on an assembly line at Ford Motor Company for six years. He also spent two years in the military.