Disability Documentation

In order to qualify for accommodations in a college setting, you as a student are responsible for providing appropriate documentation of your disability.

The purpose of the documentation is to verify that a student has a disability, and to determine how the disability is affecting the student to coordinate appropriate accommodations. This is different from the K-12 setting where the school district is responsible for evaluating how the disability is affecting the student.

What documentation is required?

Generally, the documentation must meet these requirements:

  1. Be from a professional qualified to make the diagnosis.
  2. Clearly state the disability.
  3. Include relevant history.
  4. Explain how the disability affects a major life function. If any tests were conducted, the test scores and interpretation should be included.
  5. Recommend accommodations that address the limitations caused by the disability.

Generally, an IEP or 504 plan from the high school by itself is not enough to document a disability at a college setting. However, students should still submit this as a part of their documentation.

For general guidance on disability documentation, please see the Preparing for Intake Form.

Specific Documentation Guidelines

In order to assist students in the documentation process, SDS has developed specific guidelines based on the disability.

Documentation Process

Students can submit documentation at any time. In order to best coordinate  appropriate accommodations, SDS recommends that documentation is submitted either before at at the initial intake meeting. Documentation can be mailed or faxed (607-962-9249) to SDS.

If documentation is  not available by your appointment, you should still meet with the Coordinator. However, permanent accommodations will not be granted until documentation is submitted and approved. For students who cannot  submit approved documentation before their classes start, interim accommodations may be grated.

We Are Here To Help

SDS wants to help students with the documentation process. If you are concerned about what documentation is needed or if the documentation you have is sufficient, please contact us right away. You can email Allison or call her at 607-962-9262.