Disability Documentation

Students registering with Accessibility Services are required to provide current documentation supporting the existence of a disability and the need for accommodations. Appropriate accommodations are determined based on students' documentation and their unique strengths and limitations.

What documentation is required?

Generally, documentation must meet these requirements:

  1. Be from a professional qualified to make the diagnosis
  2. Describe CURRENT levels of functioning -  less than five (5) years old
  3. Clearly state the disability
  4. Include relevant history
  5. Explain how the disability currently affects a major life function
  6. List and interpret assessment scores
  7. Recommend accommodations that address the limitations caused by the disability

An IEP or 504 Plan from high school may not contain sufficient information to verify the presence of  a disability and/or determine needs at the college level.  Students may still submit these documents but may be asked for additional documentation.

In order to determine the documentation needed for your specific disability,  please see Preparing for Your Intake

Documentation Process

Students may submit documentation at any time. In order to determine and put in place appropriate accommodations, Accessibility Services recommends that documentation be submitted either before or at the initial intake meeting. Documentation may be mailed to our office or faxed to us at 607-962-9249.

If documentation is not available by the scheduled intake appointment, students should still meet with the coordinator as interim accommodations may be granted for a limited time. Please note that permanent accommodations may not be granted until documentation is submitted and approved.

We Are Here To Help

Accessibility Services wants to help students with the documentation process. If you are concerned about documentation requirements or unsure about whether your documentation is sufficient, please contact us. You can call Accessibility Services at 607-962-9262.