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With our new CRM system application - we have the wonderful addition of communication prior to the completion of the application.  These communications, or "alerts" let the student know when something is missing. The primary piece is usually the high school transcript.  One of the current issues is that these alerts continue to go out even when we HAVE the transcript.  We are trying to resolve this by getting the continued alerts shut off.  The first one would still go out but the subsequent ones would not. This may take some time to resolve.

If you are getting second and third requests from your applicants who have applied to Corning - please don't hesitate to have the student call and check this.  It is VERY easy for us to do.  You can also email me or the Recruitment and Admissions email at for an answer. 

I am so very sorry you are being inconvenienced, and we will try and get this resolved as quickly as we can!

If you have any questions or need anything, please feel free to contact us at 607-962-9151. Have a great day!

Accelerated Senior Year Application

We have updated our Accelerated Senior Year (ASY) application. Please begin using this for any new applicants. If you have any questions, just let us know. Please remember, the DEADLINE for this program is June 1 of the student's Junior year.


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