The renovation and expansion of the Arthur A. Houghton, Jr. Library was the next phase in a transformative process that will energize our campus and community and provide twenty-first century tools to students looking to make an impact in the twenty-first century workplace.

When the Arthur A. Houghton, Jr. Library opened in 1964, it offered students a state-of-the-art study facility of the highest quality. Study carrels created opportunities for quiet and independent research, and stacks of books on two floors provided access to extraordinary amounts of content. Over time, card catalogs have been replaced by computer workstations and academic journals have become available online, but the building lacked the places our students need to meet in groups, share information, and study or socialize together.

We now teach a generation of students to whom technology is commonplace. Theirs is a world of applied learning, full of the opportunities the use of data and knowledge bring to their work – and to their lives.

A newly renovated library will make technology ubiquitous to students who do not remember a time without it. Not only will it link today’s students with the information they need to perform well in their studies, but it will help us recruit many future classes of technology-savvy students, ensuring our continued growth and the growth of our community’s economy.

It’s time to take advantage of this exciting time in higher education, and transform the campus of Corning Community College to make the most of our students’ thirst for rapid information, collaboration, and innovation.

The implementation of Corning Community College’s Strategic Plan will strengthen the College’s position as the primary intellectual and educational resource for the city of Corning and the surrounding area.

  • Connecting Students with Collaborative Learning
  • Connecting Students with Resources
  • Connecting Teaching with Technology
  • Connecting College and Community