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Teacher Appreciation

Who at SUNY CCC Impacted Your Life?

Congratulations to all the educators who were recognized during Teacher Appreciation Week (May 6-10) and THANK YOU to all of our alumni who honored them with gifts to the College and shared memories.

We are excited to share highlights of those who have been recognized.

Neil Bulkley '60

My fabulous Tennis coach! - Robert Longwell-Grice '75

Lawrence Carr 

I graduated from CCC in 1972. I took math (calculus II, differential equations) from Lawrence Carr. He was an outstanding teacher. He made a difficult subject easy to understand. I also need to say that he was near the top of my list of professors for the 4 years of undergraduate and 3 years of graduate work. So I'm giving in honor of his helping me and I think many others. - David Tammaro '72

Gregg Caruso

Dr. Caruso has had an indelible effect on my life for the better. Apart from being someone that truly pushed me to challenge myself and my views in new, and sometimes difficult, ways, he is also one of the most, if not the most, respectful and intelligent educator I have had the pleasure of meeting. - Connor Sharkey '14

Katrine Danforth

In memory of Kate Danforth, she will be missed. - Jacob Brueckman '14

Debra Dudick '81

  • Glenn Banfield '18

Entire Engineering Staff of 1975-76

  • Mark Blough '76

Michael Gilmartin

Mike Gilmartin was my most influential teacher.Stephen Frey '73

Robert Giuffrida

Dr. Giuffrida was a kind, compassionate, smart professor who truly cared about his students. All of his students called him "Doc." Dr. Giuffrida would give his students extra help if needed. He always had a smile on his face and gave words of encouragement to students if needed.Lisa Giuffrida Bustin '87

Mary Guzzy

Without Mary Guzzy's encouragement and guidance, I would never have graduated from college. She has so much wisdom and passion to offer her students. Kaylara Allington '18

Lola Hardy

Thank you for always encouraging me and others. Your endless giving to your students is why we are so successful. I still see you as you stood as I walked the stage to receive my degree. Always proud, always encouraging. That powerful moment is why I chose CCC and it’s nursing program. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me! - Deborah Octeau Park '14

Benny Hunziker

Prof. Hunziker was one of the most inspirational teachers who provided me with a quality education that eventually led to my career as a Pharmacist. His Western Civilization class was not only challenging but he taught it in a fun way that made all of his students really think about vs. just accepting what they were told. Many of the concepts that he presented were actually tools to cope with real life issues. He encouraged different opinions and the conversations in his class were always lively. Glad to hear he is still contributing to the development of future leaders at CCC! - Susan Jay '74

John Joy

Always kind and encouraging, He helped me to understand the subject at hand. We had such fun with dominant and recessive genes! - Mary Lee Gustafson '62

Kenneth Keith

  • Jimmie Joe Carl '85

Wayne Kenner

In honor of Wayne Kenner my teacher in 1974. Wayne was a great teacher who genuinely cared about his students' success! - Scott Ryan '74

Richard Luce

I would like to honor Richard "Dick" Luce. He helped steer a confused kid in the right direction. I'm forever grateful! - Cynthia Smith '81

John Martin

I remember what he said one day in class: "The difference between you (students) and me is I know what I don't know, but you don't know what you don't know." Dr. Martin made every class interesting!  - Mary Lee Gustafson '62

  •  Charles F. Barrett '60

Thomas McGrath

Please honor Tom McGrath, Biology & Chemistry Professor, when I attended CCC. Tom was also one of the heads of our honors forum group. I still think of many things that I learned from Tom. He was so supportive and caring. My experience at CCC was exceptional. Thank you, CCC for helping me to have a wonderful teaching career!! Rebecca Townley '85

Sam McInroy and Daniel Hoover

I would mention two wonderful faculty members that were most important to me during my time at CCC; Mr. Sam Mclnroy and Mr. Dan Hoover (RIP). Both of these gentlemen were instrumental to me during my days as a student. Their long careers as mathematics educators allowed them to be mentors to many students. William Caroscio '69

Sky Moss

Sky Moss was a mentor and friend, but many names come to mind: Kathleen Speicher, Gregg Caruso, Bob Cooper, and so many others who made my CCC experience so wonderful and fulfilling. Steve Groth '10

Henry Moonschein

I would like to honor Henry “Hank” Moonschein, my English professor, and mentor at CCC 1968-1969. He was engaging, funny, and devoted to literature – and to clear, effective writing. I became an English teacher because of Hank, who counseled me to make English my major and speech my minor when I went on to Brockport. My heartfelt thanks to all the instructors I learned from at CCC but Hank Moonschein in particular.Stephanie Olsen '69

Henry Moonschein and Karen Poole '78 most influenced my years on the CCC campus. - Christopher Callas '96

David Pindel

Dave has been a tremendous mentor to our daughter Amy (Spallone '08). We have the utmost respect for and are thankful for him. - Cynthia Spallone '74