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Bucket Item List ... Check!

It had been 40 years since she'd stepped inside a classroom, and she'd never taken algebra. None-the-less, Sharon Carlineo was determined to earn her degree. In the Fall of 2011, she enrolled at Corning Community College, initially in the Ability to Benefit program where she earned her GED, simultaneously taking classes in the early childhood program.
For many people, earning a degree is a means to an end. For some, their desired profession requires it. For others, it’s a way to boost their annual income. Sharon already had secured meaningful work in the field she loved: working with young children. Earning her degree was an entry on her bucket list. An entry that she is pleased to say has been crossed off!

“I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it,” said Sharon. “I enjoyed the classes, meeting my classmates, and getting to know the professors.”

Some classes, Sharon said, were hard, but she worked at them, whittling away at new concepts little by little until she mastered them. Some classes were more interesting than others, but together, they all made sense and have prepared her to serve little ones in ways that best meet their developmental needs.

Sharon isn’t done, though. This fall, she will be back on CCC’s campus, this time taking classes that will strengthen her knowledge in the field of human services.