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Science beakers

To Protect and Serve

John Mold ’13 loves working at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals because it gives him the opportunity to help create medicines for people with serious diseases.

“I think my love for helping people stems back to my time in the military. At the end of the day I was hoping to protect and serve my country,” said John, who spent the first five years after high school serving in the military. “There is a similar sense of serving here at Regeneron because we get to serve the patients and their families that support them.”

He also wanted to work in a science-related field, particularly a lab setting. At Regeneron, John’s home is in the lab.

“I love working in the lab and watching my cells grow,” said John. “You can think of my job as running a fish tank, where the tank is my bioreactor, the water is the media I grow my cells in, and the fish would be the millions of cells I take care of.”

For John, the best part about being a Process Science Associate is knowing that the work he does is contributing toward improving the quality of life for the patients they help treat at Regeneron.

“We are able to meet people and hear their stories about how our medicine has positively impacted their lives,” said the Elmira, N.Y. native. “That is what drives all of us here at Regeneron to make sure we are doing the best work we can.”

Though John was a non-traditional student at SUNY CCC, he says the military helped prepare him to succeed despite the difficult obstacles he encountered.

“The discipline and drive that I learned in the military really helped push me every step of the way in my education,” he said. “Even when I had concerns about tough classes I knew that failure was not an option.”

John also credits SUNY CCC for its inclusive atmosphere, where the professors are always willing to help and the students work together.

“Corning instills the right values in all of its students,” said John. “The professors teach students how to find the answers to problems on their own, but they also help them through difficult times. Their approach really prepares students for the next step.”

SUNY CCC Professor of Biology David Pindel described John as one of the most hardworking students he’s ever taught.

“John has a very creative and scientific mind to go along with his strong work ethic and passion for his field,” said David.

John is looking forward to his future at Regeneron – a company he says is at the leading edge of science.

“We are continuously improving so we can find better ways to deliver our science to medicine,” said John. “I am excited to continue my work in a field that is able to give back and help the patients we treat.”