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Introducing new Technology

What happens when you combine a fast-paced work environment and daily experiments with new technology and equipment? You get a Manufacturing Engineer who loves his job!

Jason Sowersby ’13 loves working at Corning Incorporated because he gets to introduce and create new forms of technology to help the company’s manufacturing process run smoothly.

“I get to work on start-up projects that require the constant introduction of new technology and experiments,” said Jason. “When you mix that with the need to fulfill specific customer orders it makes for an exciting challenge.”

An important part of Jason’s job is to maintain the equipment to ensure the production lines are running without issue. This includes teaching robots to complete tasks on the production lines in order to reduce downtime to be as efficient as possible.

“It’s important for me to make sure everything runs smooth so that the orders get done on time,” said the Corning, N.Y. native.” “All of the equipment gets tested before production begins to make sure everything is working properly.”

Jason credits the Mechanical Technology program at SUNY Corning Community College for giving him the foundation he needed to become a successful engineer. The professors at SUNY CCC also taught him that being meticulous is an important aspect of being an engineer – a lesson he continues to use every day at Corning Inc.

“The professors at SUNY CCC have experience in the field they are teaching and can relate the coursework back to the real world,” he said. “I learned a lot in the Mechanical Technology courses that I apply to my job every single day.”

Jason plans to continue to grow his career at Corning Inc. for many years.

“I am looking forward to learning more about the manufacturing process and to improve my skills as an engineer,” said Jason. “I want to work toward a career in engineering management here at Corning Inc.”