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Clint and Marisa Biddle
Clint and Marisa Biddle, owners of GreenPoint Landscaping
Clint and Marisa Biddle, owners of GreenPoint Landscaping

Reshaping the Mold to Fit

Shortly after high school, Clint Biddle knew he wanted something different. He was working at a local factory and making decent money, but he was approaching a crossroads.

“I needed to decide whether to keep my job at the factory or pursue my studies full-time,” said Clint. “I had not been affirmed much in school, nor was I sure I was even ‘college-graduate material,’ but I knew for sure that I did not want to continue doing what I was for the rest of my life. Career-wise, I knew what I didn’t want to do. Knowing what I wanted to do wasn’t quite so clear.”

Deciding to go for it, he submitted his notice at work and enrolled at CCC. It was the missing piece.

“My classes and encounters at CCC played defining parts in my adult life and my professional career,” said Biddle, who graduated in 2002 with a liberal arts degree. “I didn’t realize my drawing classes would lead me to a successful career in landscape design. My degree at CCC exposed me to new experiences, people and ideas, and was certainly an integral building block to my success as a business owner.”

Clint also credits the well-rounded, diverse curriculum with helping him become a more independent thinker. He sharpened his multi-tasking skills and realized he was capable of doing much more than he had thought. 

His teachers before CCC incorporated traditional teaching methods into the classroom. As it happens, Clint isn’t traditional and recalls that he “never quite fit the mold.” At CCC he was exposed to many different styles of teaching and was rewarded for enthusiasm … not just for the right answer.

“Many of my classes felt more fluid then my earlier impressions of school, and I had freedom to learn in a more open atmosphere,” said Clint. “I was treated and respected as an adult, and this built confidence in me. When I sat with counselors trying to decide on classes, I was encouraged to choose classes within my major that interested me. Once I was doing work I enjoyed, I felt freedom and confidence. I would say I feel exactly the same way now in regards to owning my own business, GreenPoint Landscaping.”

Today, Clint and his wife, Marisa, own GreenPoint Landscaping, are raising six children, volunteer in the community, and credit CCC with helping Clint finding the confidence to go out on his own ... and succeed.