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Ben Buchholz

Bigger Than Myself

Ben Buchholz ’18 is an aspiring New York State DEC Officer. Ben’s love for the environment began when he became a Boy Scout.

“I was a Boy Scout for eight years and it’s really where my love for nature started,” said Ben. “When we started going on our camping trips I became interested in how everything worked in the natural world around me.”

Ben is majoring in Environmental Science and Geology with a concentration in Ecology at Binghamton University.

“My favorite part about this field and working in nature is feeling like I am part of something bigger than myself,” said the Elmira, N.Y. native. “This field also provides opportunities to pursue many different careers in wildlife management and preservation.”

Last semester, Ben performed research for Binghamton in an Ecology class. Students estimated the number of deer in the Binghamton Nature Preserve – a 182-acre preserve with various species, ponds, and trails. Their goal was to show the administration of the school that the nature preserve is overpopulated with deer.

“I really enjoyed that particular research project because I like being out in the field and collecting data,” said Ben. “I’m not a lab guy – I just want to interact with nature as much as possible.”

As a student at SUNY Corning Community College, Ben enjoyed taking classes with professors who had hands-on teaching methods.

“The SUNY CCC professors had a wide array of knowledge and real-world experience they brought to the classroom,” said Ben. “We also had great learning facilities available, such as the Spencer Crest Nature Center.”

A junior at Binghamton, Ben is looking forward to finding an internship for this upcoming summer. He wants to find something that would allow him to do trail management for state parks, or learn more about population control.

“The field of population dynamics covers a wide variety of fields that I’m interested in, from biology to chemistry to physics,” he said. “The multi-concentration nature of the field really interests me and I’m looking forward to being able to have a positive impact on the environment.”