Human Services Degree: Accelerated A.A.S.

Associate Dean of Instruction

Convenient Program
We know you’re busy. Give us one night a week and time online for 16 months, and we’ll get you an associate’s degree in human services. Graduates of this program are workforce-ready for direct care positions. Alumni work with children, elderly, and people who have developmental disabilities. Employers -- like Glove House, hospitals, Pathways, Capabilities, and the regional ARCs -- are looking for people with this credential. In addition, this degree is a great start for people who want to purse a bachelor's degree in social work.

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Time Commitment
SUNY CCC’s Accelerated Associate’s degree program in Human Services caters to your needs, including your busy lifestyle. The program -- from start to finish -- takes just 16 months. (Yes, classes are held during the summer!) Most classes are offered online. Friday nights, from 6pm to 9pm, class will be in session at the Hornell High School.  

In addition to English and Math, students will take a variety of courses, including (but not limited to) Introduction to Human Services, Helping Skills, Human Services II, Psychology, Sociology, and Public Speaking. Students will complete a practicum, giving you hands-on experience that prospective employers seek. The practicum can be scheduled at various hours and days. 


In addition to English and Math, students will take Principles of Business, Business Law (I & II), Business Applications, Accounting, HR Management, Professionalism, Business Communications, Economics, Office Management, Office procedures, and electives in Business, Humanities, Science, and Social science.

Outline of Coursework
Semester 1

  • HUSR1010: Intro to Human Services offered online and onsite
  • ENGL1010: Composition I offered online
  • PSYC1101: Introduction to Psychological Science

Semester 2

  • ENGL1020: Composition II offered online
  • SOCI1010: Introduction to Sociology offered online

Semester 3

  • BUSN1055: Professionalism (free elective) offered online
  • GOVT1010: American Federal Government offered online

Semester 4

  • MATH1150: Quantitative Reasoning II
  • HUSR1030: Helping Skills
  • HUSR1221: TCI
  • SPCH1080: Humanities elective

Semester 5

  • HUSR1040: Human Services II
  • Program elective offered online
  • PSYC2030: Organizational Behavior

Semester 6

  • Upper-level psychology course
  • BIOL1050: Human Biology 
  • Wellness
  • Free elective

Semester 7

  • Practicum