Academic & Workforce Development Center
CCC offers classes at the Academic & Workforce Development Center in Elmira.

Academic and Workforce Development Center

Corning Community College offers classes on several campuses, including the Academic & Workforce and Development Center. Located in downtown Elmira, the Center offers many introductory classes taught by Corning Community College professors and instructors. All of CCC's professors, no matter where they're teaching, are accessible, approachable, and dedicated to student success. Like all CCC campuses, the Elmira Center is warm, welcoming, and inviting, characterized by small class sizes, familiar faces, and a genuine community feel. Many of the college's support services, including the Learning Commons, have offices at this campus. 

The Academic &  Workforce Development Center is located at 318 Madison Avenue in Elmira. To schedule an appointment with an admissions counselor, call 607-962-9151 or email.