Science Learning Center

Science Learning Center
The Science Learning Center provides tutoring services to currently enrolled students in Biology, Chemistry, A&P, Earth Science and Integrated Science.

Peer and professional tutors can help with homework, lab assignments, and test preparation. Tutoring is available on a walk-in basis or by appointment. New tutors are being hired all the time. Please stop by to pick up a current tutor schedule. If you need help with a specific subject, ask us to find you a tutor.

The Science Learning Center provides

  • Professional and Peer Assistance
  • Individual study
  • Small group study
  • Help with practice problems, homework, lab and reading assignments
  • Make-up labs
  • Test prep
  • Study techniques
  • Text books, lecture notes and lab supplies


The Science Learning Center is located in the Science Building, Room S106.

Contact Information

Rebecca Copp