Red Baron Half Marathon, 2013

34th Annual Red Baron Half Marathon

Event Details

  • Sunday, November 2, 2014 - 1:00pm to 3:30pm
Jennifer Sellers


Top Finishers are listed below. The full race results with times are available at You can see photos on Facebook in three albums: Race Start, Middle, and Finish Line

Overall Male

  1. David Bronfenbrenner
  2. Michael Bennett
  3. Josh Copp

Overall Female

  1. Jill Jackett
  2. Kelley Dworak
  3. Kayleigh Plumeau

Male 18 & Under

  1. Gabe Herbst
  2. John Cleary
  3. Gavin Derick

Female 18 & Under

  1. Julia Slyer
  2. Caroline Slyer
  3. Elizabeth Augustini

Male 19-29

  1. Andrew Dininny
  2. Brandon MacWhinnie
  3. Curtis Boyd

Female 19-29

  1. Sarah Hess
  2. Charlotte Worthington
  3. Brittany Cassidy

Male 30-39

  1. Jason Husted
  2. Tim Adams
  3. Trever Townsend

Female 30-39

  1. Kristy Wood
  2. Jeannine Staples
  3. Tarryn Gobble
  4. Jill Guyette

Male 40-49

  1. Jaime Fleischman
  2. William Horton
  3. Paul Turner

Female 40-49

  1. Donna Meyer
  2. Gail Stokoe
  3. Claire Kenney

Male 50-59

  1. Robert Moore
  2. Mark Johnson
  3. David Hubbard

Female 50-59

  1. Elaine Jacobson
  2. Victoria Castellucci
  3. Cheryl Miller

Male 60 & over

  1. Dave Coyne
  2. Tracey More
  3. David Drexel

Female 60 & over

  1. Sue Biddle

Overall Course Records

  • Male: Andrew Cloke: 1:08:30
  • Female: Renee Rombaut: 1:17:16

If you are interested in tracking results online, they will be available at

Race Information

All of the proceeds from this year's race benefit Spencer Crest Nature Center, the Eileen Collins Observatory, and the Planetarium at Corning Community College.

Course Information

The run starts at Corning Community College and takes the picturesque roads down the back side of the hill. There are no steep hills that would be rough on the knees; and yet, from start to finish, there is a gradual 800 foot drop in elevation. Local distance runners regard this course highly, and consider this a great race event.

A shuttle will be transporting runners from the finish line at Corning Painted Post High School up to the College from 10:30am to 12:30pm. We encourage you to park at the High School in the parking lot on Aisne Street. Once you get to Corning Community College, you can pick up your bib and shirt from 10:30am to 12:45pm. There will be volunteers at both locations to direct you. There will be bags available for you to deposit items you would like transported to the finish line. There will be no shuttle to the start after the race.

There will be road marshals, police, water stations, and nursing stations along the course for your protection. As a safety precaution, please remember to run on the left side of the street towards oncoming traffic since the roads will not be closed.

  • Start at the CCC Commons
  • First four miles - rolling hills
  • Next four miles - gradual downhill
  • Last four miles - flat
  • Finish at Corning-Painted Post High School.
    This race is executed by a small group of volunteers and relies on manual timing. At the finish line please respect the single file finish policy and be patient as our volunteers record your time. The course will close at 3:30 p.m.
  • Water stations at miles 3, 5, 7, 9, and 12
  • After you cross the finish line you may head into the high school cafeteria from refreshments, results, and awards. The award ceremony will start at 3:30pm.